Recording Natural Soundscapes

Listening in a Noisy World

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Short Online Course with 1 Day UK Location Recording Trip

In this 3 part video series, you'll learn the concepts and skills to record and edit the sound of the natural world. You’ll develop listening skills through practical sound recording exercises and every week you’ll improve your technique with short recording tasks in different outdoor locations.


You can also join us on the 1 day on-location recording trip. No prior knowledge of equipment required, just a phone and computer and an interest in recording sounds of the natural world. 


Course Content

On this course you will grow your appreciation for the sound of the natural world and the surprising impact that it has on us. You'll develop listening skills through practical recording exercises and guided listening.  Other topics include:​

  • Introduction in Recording Skills

  • Natural Soundscape Types

  • Editing and Mixing Recordings

  • The Science of Sound

  • Finding Locations

  • Equipment Considerations

  • Location Specific Recording Techniques

  • Dealing with Wind & Noise

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