Sound Recording

Providing sound recording for a range of productions from film & TV. ADR, Audio Books, Radio Plays and bespoke Foley recording.

  We also record musical ensembles, choirs, bands and just about           anything that makes sound...


    You can book us for your live sound and broadcast                            mixing requirements. 

       Sound Recording

Here at Fusion we care deeply about capturing the best quality audio recordings. With a decade of experience, cutting edge technical knowledge and top quality equipment to record sound on location. We also have experience in less than ideal situations such as small rooms, on the beach and hidden camera shows. Find out how we can do the same for you.

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More Music Recordings

Tim Moreton - Angel
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Artist: Tim Moreton

Track: 'Angel'

Fusion Provided: Recording & Mixing Services

Artist: Shattered Generation

Track: 'Children of the Barricade'

Fusion Provided: Recording & Mixing Services

Shattered Generation - Children of the Barricade
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